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Scaffolding Hire Brisbane, Gold Coast & Ipswich


When traditional Elevated Work Platforms (EWP) aren’t feasible, All Access Hire, scaffold hire emerges as the perfect solution, offering unparalleled adaptability for any scenario.

Customisable to fit every application, whether it involves stairwells, machinery, tight spaces, poolside areas, or expansive construction industry, scaffolding solutions effortlessly caters to your specific requirements. 

Choosing scaffolding hire is the safest alternative to ladders or trestles, providing a secure working environment. By optimising your workforce and offering a greater number of working platform levels and sizes, scaffolding solutions empowers you to elevate your productivity.

Our Scaffolding Process

Step 1

We provide accurate measurement and quoting, allowing you to budget better.

Step 2

You can rely on hassle-free delivery to your job site or workplace.

Step 3

Our licensed team will install, sign off, and hand over the scaffold that is safe to use.

Step 4

Once the work is completed, our team will take it away from the site.

Types of Scaffold Hire in Brisbane

Foldable Collapsible Scaffold

Ideal for secure access in confined spaces, these scaffolds provide a remarkable maximum reach of 3.2m. Comprising just 4 components, they offer quick foldability for easy dismantling and effortless transport. Designed for convenience, they can be carried with ease or conveniently delivered via our dedicated drivers.

Mobile Scaffolding Towers Hire

Whether it's fitting into tight spaces or reaching hall ceilings, complete your projects with safety features like rails, ladders, outriggers, and toe boards. Preferred by professionals in various fields from shopfitters to roofers, our towers are adaptable, offering cantilever scaffold options for accessing balconies and elevated areas. When weight limits apply or sensitive floors, Mobile Scaffolding Hire is your best solution.

Aluminium Static Fixed Scaffold Hire

Rapid installation meets unparalleled customisation in this scaffold option. Its lightweight construction allows seamless extension onto roofs, making it a smart choice in weight-sensitive environments. Widely employed in construction site works, stairwell voids, roof stair access, gutter projects, and residential construction, our static/fixed aluminium scaffold hire sets the standard for adaptable, efficient access solutions.

Steel Scaffolding Hire

Perfect for construction sites demanding robust weight support, this option is a go-to for bricklayers and concrete construction. Just like aluminium static scaffolding, steel scaffolding offers limitless customisation in terms of shapes and sizes, ensuring it's tailored precisely for the task at hand.

Stair Access Scaffold Hire

Ensuring secure and efficient access via stairs for your construction site requirements. Our stair scaffolding selection includes a variety of sizes and heights, catering to a wide range of projects.

One-Stop Service Scaffolding

Gold Coast, Ipswich and Brisbane Scaffold Hire

With our expanded scaffold division, we offer a comprehensive range of scaffolding solutions in Brisbane tailored to your on-site requirements. Whether you’re in need of mobile, system, or modular scaffolds, we have you fully covered. 

Our comprehensive services include precise measurement and quoting, hassle-free delivery and installation, safety verification by licensed professionals, and seamless gear removal upon project completion. 

Trust All Access Hire to deliver a seamless and efficient scaffolding experience from start to finish for Brisbane Scaffold Hire. 

Contact our experienced team today call 1800 255 222 for a free quote.

House with scaffolding at the front

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Frequently Asked Questions

The height of scaffolding you need depends on the specific task you’re undertaking. A helpful guideline is to add approximately 1.8 meters to your working platform, factoring in your reach and any equipment being used. 

For indoor projects, remember to consider the ceiling height as well. Rest assured, our friendly team specialises in scaffolding solutions, and we’ll provide precise measurements and quotes to assist you in budgeting effectively for your next job.

All Access Hire provides scaffolding solutions with a one-stop service. To set up a mobile scaffold, we have to choose a flat and stable surface. Our scaffolders will inspect all the components for damage or missing parts. 

They will assemble the base frame, attach cross braces for stability, and raise the platform to the desired height. All Access Hire scaffolders will install guardrails for safety, secure the wheels to prevent movement, and conduct stability check. 

Once is installed, ensure that your workers are trained and using appropriate safety gear, and following safety regulations. You can hire scaffolding in Brisbane and surrounding areas.

Without a scaffold ticket, you are allowed to build your working platform to a height where you can fall no more than 4 meters. 

Once over this height, talk to our friendly team to have one of our lincensed scaffolder to take care of the setup and dismantle.

The choice of hire scaffolding type depends on the specific requirements of your job. Factors to consider include the work environment (indoor or outdoor), height requirements, platform size, weight capacity, ease of assembly, and mobility. 

To ensure you select the most suitable scaffold, consult our experienced team who can provide personalised scaffolding advice based on your project’s needs.

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