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All Access Hire Scaffolding Gold Coast Brisbane specialises in S-BOOMS Z-BOOMS SCISSOR LIFTS SCAFFOLD HIRE Gold Coast Brisbane

All Access Hire Scaffolding Gold Coast Brisbane specialises in S-BOOMS Z-BOOMS SCISSOR LIFTS SCAFFOLD HIRE Gold Coast Brisbane

S BOOM Hire Gold Coast

At All Access Hire our Telescopic booms offer the greatest horizontal outreach of any other type of aerial platform. This is the boom you need for those areas with limited access in residential, industrial and construction applications. Perfect for Bridge reconstruction or maintenance, Tunnelling, dam or reservoir construction or when installing Tilt up panels, Steel buildings and Steel Cladding.

Our Genie® telescopic  S™-booms with their traction and great drive speed are designed to get you around the job site and to the work area in record time to increase your productivity

Ideal for areas with problematic access in any situation.

  • Maneuver freely in those tight spaces with minimal tailswing.
  • Whether you are working indoor or outside we have the options of Dual-fuel (gas or LPG).
  • Designed for productivity with the traction and drive speed you need.

You are using the industry’s best available equipment when you use All Access Hire Super Booms with horizontal outreach.

Z BOOM Hire Gold Coast

When you require zero emission equipment or are working in noise sensitive areas why not grab one of our energy efficient electric Articulating Z  booms with their longer working cycles.

Not just uniquely designed to access areas that require an up and over approach by aiding your ability to work around obstacles but also able to operate indoors without impacting any enviromental sensitivities.

Previously disruptive fixtures, walls or machinery are now just an opportunity for your All Access Hire Articulating Z Boom Hire Gold Coast to showcase its benefits.

Our extensive range has a size perfect for your application with platforms ranging from 10 metres up to 41 metres.

SCISSOR LIFT Hire Gold Coast

All Access Hire Scissor Lifts Gold Coast are ideal for any Construction or Maintenance project whether its indoor or outside.

Our versatile and quiet Electric Scissor Lifts are perfect for that high warehouse shelving, event decorating or hard to reach window maintenance.

Electricians, painters, roofers, glaziers, plumbers, wall panel and signage installers all enjoy the reliability that our Lifts offer.


When you are faced with challenging ground conditions All Access Hire is able to provide you with the solution for your Scissor Lift Hire Gold Coast.

Our Rough Terrain Scissor Lifts are fitted with essential outriggers, manual and self-leveling functions which enable high reach work to be achieved under almost any conditions.

SCAFFOLD HIRE and Scaffolding Gold

Coast Brisbane

The range of scaffolding at All Access Hire brings reliability and safety to you with its fully welded frames, steel pins and heavy gauge aluminium components .

Simplicity and ease of erection reaches across all products. The  lightness of the aluminium providing speedy and  versatile relocation or reconfiguration.

All Access Hire scaffolding Gold Coast Brisbane will enable safe above-ground work whether its cleaning, maintenance, installation or construction.

All Access Hire lightweight mobile towers are available as square or rectangular towers providing  a stable working platform with ease of assembly and portability, and rated for a 225kg safe work load.

Our Medium Duty  mobile towers have the same portability and minimal assembly providing a stable working platform rated for a 450kg safe work load.

Whatever your Scaffolding need, we have it covered.


Protect your workers from serious injury, and protect yourself by complying with Workplace Health and Safety with these Material Lifts.

Never worry again about potential load issues. Let the Material Lift do the heavy lifting for you.



All Access Hire Gold Coast Brisbane specialises in Hiring S-BOOMS Z-BOOMS SCISSOR LIFTS SCAFFOLD Gold Coast Brisbane

Kanga Loader Hire Gold Coast – Brisbane


Kanga Loader Hire Gold Coast – The Kanga Loader is a tight access machine that can take on a range of jobs, from post hole drilling to site leveling and everything in between. Call All Access Hire now to get a Kanga Loader and an expert operator who has the skill and experience to do any job you need done.

850mm access: The Kanga Loader can get to almost any space

All Pumped Up vacuum excavations is a local family business

OUR BEST PRICE GUARANTEE ensures the absolute best value for money for any size job. From the biggest commercial to the smallest domestic job.