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Boom Lift Hire Brisbane, Gold Coast & Ipswich

Boom Lifts

Looking For a Versatile and Efficient Access Solution in Brisbane, Gold Coast & Ipswich?

All Access Hire’s boom lift hire, also known as cherry picker hire, offers the ideal solution for tasks requiring access from multiple directions.

Widely employed for their ability to provide access both upwards and outwards, boom lifts come in an array of sizes, with a full range from compact models to towering giants, reaching heights of up to 45 meters.

Our boom lifts are all designed for both vertical and horizontal reach applications and are suitable for construction, maintenance, and other applications.

We supply hire equipment to Brisbane and the broader Southeast QLD region.

If you are not sure on what equipment you need, we’ll provide guidance on choosing the right boom lift for your project.

Contact All Access Hire today for more information on 1800 255 222, or to hire boom lift services in Brisbane and South East QLD, click the Book Now Link.

Types of Boom Lifts in Brisbane

Articulated Knuckle Boom Lift (Z-Booms)

Articulated Knuckle Boom Hire (Z-Booms)

With their articulated design and telescopic capabilities, these boom lifts -also known as knuckle boom- provide unparalleled reach and flexibility, effortlessly navigating tight spaces. Indoor-type boom lift offers emission-free operation and narrow profiles for intricate areas, while outdoor-type boom lifts, powered by diesel and 4-wheel drive, has rough terrain features.
Straight Boom Lift (S-Booms)

Straight Boom Hire Brisbane

All Access Hire offers an extensive range of sizes, catering to trades like construction, painting, electrical work, plumbing, roofing, fire protection, and maintenance. Boasting the most extensive horizontal reach among all EWP machines, these diesel-powered, 4-wheel drive boom lifts are built to tackle rough terrains. Some units feature an impressive extra lift capacity of up to 450 kg, while others sport non-marking white tires for delicate surfaces. With spacious baskets maximising workspace and built-in generators for 240V power, our Straight Booms are your ultimate solution for demanding tasks.

Professional Cherry Picker Hire in Brisbane and Surrounding Areas

All Access Hire has been offering access equipment hire for more than 8 years ago, specialising in Elevated Work Platforms.

We have an extensive range of boom lifts and cherry picker hire in Brisbane. Among our equipment options, you can find booms with rough terrain capabilities and indoor-type booms.

We exclusively utilise best-in-class equipment from quality brands like Genie, Haulotte, Nifty Lift, Skyjack, Sinoboom, and LGMG. Contact our team of experts today, and we will assist you in completing your job efficiently!

Warehouse worker on a Knuckle Boom Lift

Frequently Asked Questions

All Access Hire provides an extensive selection of access equipment for Elevated Work Platforms. We collaborate with market-leading brands.

The cost of hiring a cherry picker depends mainly on the size and whether you choose to pick up the equipment or have it delivered.

Boom lift hire services are available in Brisbane, allowing you to hire Brisbane or any other location within the South East QLD region, including Gold Coast, Ipswich, and Sunshine Coast.

A telescopic boom lift is a versatile aerial work platform designed for accessing elevated areas. 

With an extendable straight arm or boom, it allows workers to reach significant heights and horizontal distances, making it ideal for tasks like maintenance, construction, and repairs. 

Mounted on mobile chassis, these lifts offer stability even when fully extended, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

It depends! Boom lift hire up to 11 meters do not require a high risk license. However, in general, boom lift hire from more than 11 meters height requires proper training and qualifications due to safety concerns and technical knowledge of the equipment. 

Cherry pickers are used to access elevated areas for tasks such as maintenance, construction, and repairs, so operating a boom lift without the necessary training and understanding of protocols can pose significant risks. 

If you don’t have a high risk ticket, you can either hire a different boom lift up to 11 meters or hire a scissor lift. When hiring scissor lifts, you don’t require a High Risk licence.

Choosing the right boom lift involves different factors such as the work environment (if indoor or outdoor), required height and reach, type of boom (articulated/telescopic), boom length, platform size and capacity, mobility needs, terrain conditions, power source, indoor space restrictions, safety features, and operator training.

To choose the correct boom lift hire, contact our team to get some guidance.

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