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Scissor Lift Hire Brisbane, Gold Coast & Ipswich

Scissor Lift

Scissor Lift Hire Available for Every Project in Brisbane and South East QLD

Need reliable access to elevated areas for your construction or renovation project in Brisbane or South East QLD?

All Access Hire is your go-to for efficient and safe scissor lift solutions. Our scissor lifts, featuring sturdy platforms, impressive reach, and smooth maneuverability, are perfect for diverse environments – from tight indoor spaces to challenging outdoor terrains.

Choose from our extensive range of scissor lifts to meet your specific project requirements.

Whether it’s construction, maintenance, or any other task requiring elevated access, our scissor lifts ensure reliability and safety, adhering to the highest industry standards.

We prioritise safety, our scissor lifts come with comprehensive safety features, and we offer guidance to ensure your team’s safe operation.

Ready to hire?

Explore our range of scissor lifts below and contact our expert team today on 1800 255 222 for a tailored solution that matches your needs.

With All Access Hire, you’re assured of top-quality equipment and exceptional service for all your Brisbane and South East QLD projects.

Types of Scissor Lifts

Diesel Scissor Lift - GS 4069rt 4WD Rough Terrain Scissor Lifts for tough outdoor access.

Diesel Scissor Lift

4WD Rough Terrain Scissor Lifts for tough outdoor access. Enhance productivity with rugged traction, speed, and gradability. Ideal for vast outdoor tasks without on-site power, they self level on slopes up to 12 degrees effortlessly.
Electric Scissor Lift - GS 2046 4WD Electric Scissor Lifts ensure easy and reliable access to tight indoor and outdoor spaces

Electric Scissor Lift

Electric Scissor Lifts ensure easy and reliable access to tight indoor and outdoor spaces, even rooms with compact doors. To keep them charged, a standard extension lead and 240-volt power are all that this scissor lift needs.
Special Scissor Lift - Athena Bi Levelling Tracked Scissor Lift E With the capability to level on slopes up to 20 degrees, these scissor lifts revolutionises access on uneven terrain.

Special Scissor Lift

With the capability to level on slopes up to 20 degrees, these scissor lifts revolutionises access on uneven terrain. Boasting excavator-like tracks, this scissor lift navigates surfaces like sand, mud, and stairs with ease.

Southeast QLD and Brisbane Scissor Lift Hire

Why Choose Our Scissor Lifts?

Elevate your work with All Access Hire efficient and affordable scissor lift hire available in  Brisbane, Ipswich, Gold Coast and south east Queensland,  the go-to choice for vertical access services. 

Boasting robust platforms, impressive reach, and agile manoeuvrability, these scissor lifts offer a quick, safe, and versatile means of reaching elevated areas. 

Designed for quiet operation and maximum productivity, they feature non-marking tires for floor protection, substantial lift capacity, and heights of up to 18 meters. 

Whether it’s a straight-up journey or an intricate task, our scissor lifts ensure you ascend confidently and efficiently. Ideal for any business and projects, such as construction, maintenance, outdoor environments, homes or businesses.

Construction worker on an All Access Hire Scissor Lift

Operating Scissor Lifts Safely: Key Considerations

When operating a scissor lift, whether it’s a Diesel Scissor Lift, Electric Scissor Lift, or Special Scissor Lift, it will require responsibility and compliance.

Before use, ensure you possess an EWP Operator Ticket, commonly known in Australia as a Yellow Card. While no additional license may be needed, safety training is essential due to the nature of working at heights. Staying updated on current regulations is crucial for both operators and other personnel on-site.

At All Access Hire, we prioritise safety. When you hire our Scissor Lifts, we provide a detailed Risk Assessment, allowing you to identify potential machine hazards.

Contact us today and let us assist you in choosing the ideal scissor lift for hire for your next project.

Artist painting a mural using a scissor lift available for all applications from All Access Hire

Frequently Asked Questions

Unlike boom lifts, for scissor lift hire you do not require a High Risk Licence in Queensland. However, it is recommended to have a Yellow Card, which confirms that you are competent to use the machine correctly and safely.

The capability of scissor lifts to function on uneven ground depends on the specific model you select. Our equipment includes rugged terrain scissor lifts, designed with 4-wheel drive for tasks like construction, maintenance, and outdoor applications. At All Access Hire, we provide specialised Brisbane Scissor Lift Hire services and extend our offerings to the surrounding areas.

Choosing the appropriate scissor lift size involves evaluating factors like the required working height, platform dimensions, weight capacity, indoor or outdoor use, terrain conditions, power source, manoeuvrability, and access restrictions. By considering these aspects, you can make an informed decision that aligns with your specific project needs and safety requirements. If you’re unsure, our team of experts can provide valuable guidance in selecting the right scissor lift for your next job.

Diesel scissor lifts utilise combustion engines, making them well-suited for outdoor tasks and rough terrains, particularly due to their 4WD capability. On the other hand, electric scissor lifts operate on batteries, making them preferable for indoor usage owing to their quiet and emission-free operation. The decision between the two hinges on factors such as the working environment, terrain, noise concerns, power accessibility, and emission regulations. All Access Hire offers a comprehensive range of electric and diesel scissor lift hire service to accommodate your needs.

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