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Vacuum Excavation Hire

Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast & Ipswich

All Pumped Up is a local family business specialising in non-destructive digging and service locating. We are committed to safety and environmental standards and requirements while offering friendly and reliable service at a fair price.

Vacuum excavation is the safest and most effective method of excavation where underground services are concerned as it minimizes the risk of strike. It allows for the safe exposure, location and verification of assets (whether known or unknown) during any stage of construction or earthworks and in turn allows for less risk to plant and personnel and less down time on site.

Why All Pumped Up?

  • We utilise a clean method of excavation that is environmentally friendly, non-invasive and non-destructive.
    • Eliminates putting lives and assets at risk when excavating
    • Able to access areas of confined space or restricted access
    • Execute precision excavation to create precise trenches or holes
    • Professional, reputable company
    • Quick, safe and accurate, decreasing overall costs and turnaround time

Give us a call today for your next project! We’d love to come out to site to see if vacuum excavation is for you.

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