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1.7T Mini Excavator Trailer Package

Trailer Units

The Hitachi ZX17U-5, a trailer-mounted 1.7-ton excavator, offers easy transportation to various sites. This compact digger rental is suitable for tasks like trenching beside garden beds, land preparation for concrete slabs in residential or shed construction, and the creation of block walls for retaining. With a variety of attachments, the excavator allows for flexibility in achieving different depths and widths during the digging and removal processes.

Key Information

INCLUDED Collapsible ROPS, hydraulic backfill blade, choice between ISO or SAE operators control pattern, half hitch, along with a comprehensive package including risk assessment, service history, and SWMS.
ATTACHMENTS INCLUDED Batter bucket / 300mm bucket/450mm bucket/ Ripper/ 150mm Auger/ 250mm Auger/ 350mm Auger/ 450mm Auger/ Auger Power Head/ Plant Trailer
OPTIONAL ATTACHMENTS 150mm Bucket / Hammer Attachment / Slings for Lifting/ 300mm Gummy Bucket
*The specifications showcased above are provided for reference and may vary with each machine model.
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