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Safety First: Essential Tips for Operating Scissor Lifts on Job Sites

Safety First: Essential Tips for Operating Scissor Lifts on Job Sites

Scissor lifts, a type of construction lift within the Elevated Work Platform (EWP) equipment, facilitate vertical movement of operators and equipment. These versatile machines, with sturdy platforms and impressive reach, are ideal for various environments, from tight indoor spaces to challenging outdoor terrains. Whether used in construction, maintenance, or tasks requiring elevated access, scissor lifts ensure reliability and safety, adhering to industry standards.


Types of Scissor Lifts:

Depending on your project, choose the right scissor lift:

  • Diesel 4WD for tough outdoor access.
  • Electric scissor lifts for tight indoor and outdoor spaces.
  • Special scissor lifts for uneven terrain.


At All Access Hire, we not only offer scissor lifts for hire but also prioritise safety, following industry standards for optimal performance.


Essential Tips for Operating Scissor Lifts:

  1. Choose the Right Lift: Consider weight capacity, indoor/outdoor use, required height, and ground conditions including gradient/slope.
  1. Pre-Operational Inspection: Thoroughly inspect the lift before operation as per the prestart check, checking controls, hydraulics, and overall condition.
  1. Hazard Awareness: Identify potential hazards before starting the scissor lift, ensuring a safe working environment.
  1. Check Risk Assessment: Refer to the Risk Assessment document for additional safety guidance -you can download it from the All Access Hire website, next to each machine-.
  1. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): We recommend wearing a hard hat.
  1. Avoid Overloading: Never exceed the platform’s weight capacity.
  1. Stay within Limits: Adhere to the Units Safe Working Limit (S.W.L) and Scissor Lift Safe Working Angle.
  1. Stabilization Techniques: Use stabilization techniques and keep both feet firmly planted inside the platform if applicable.
  1. Secure After Operation: Ensure the lift is properly secured after use.


Contact All Access Hire today for more information on our scissor lifts for hire and expert advice on safe operation!

Construction worker on an All Access Hire Scissor Lift

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