AAH 42
AAH 38
AAH 43

Z-Boom Hire

Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast & Ipswich

DC Articulated Z-Booms

Z-30/20N RJ (10.89m Reach)
Z-33/18 (12m Reach)
Z-34/22N (12.52m Reach)
Z-40/23N RJ (14.32m Reach)
Z-45/25J DC (15.92m Reach)
TZ-34/20 Trailer Mounted (12.36m Reach)
Nifty HR17 Hybrid
Nifty HR17 Hybrid

4WD Diesel Articulated Z-Booms

Z-34/22 IC (12.62m Reach)
Z45/25J RT (16.05m Reach)
Z-51/30J RT (17.59m Reach)
Z-60/34 (20.39m Reach)
Z-62/40 (20.87m Reach)
Z-80/60 (25.77m Reach)
Z-135/70 (43.15m Reach)

All sizes of Articulated Knuckle Booms (also known as Z Booms) ranging from 11 metres right through to 42 metres, are available to you through All Access Hire. These booms have the added functionality of up and over reach, as-well as the slew out boom.

These machines are more compact than the regular S-Booms, making it easier to get around tight sites or into smaller areas. Our electric Z-Booms and selected Diesel Z-Booms are equipment with white tyres (non-marking) making it perfect for new concrete slabs, or sensitive surfaces - think shopping centres, homes, offices.

We have also recently expanded our fleet with the new range of Hybrid Nifty Boom Lifts (https://niftylift.com.au/products/) link to here. These machines are light weight, narrow and have the option to run on diesel or DC electric in the one machine.

Again you will enjoy the machinery from our trusted suppliers Genie, Skyjack, Haulotte and Nifty. And in the unlikely event of a breakdown we have access to local parts in real time!

All of our EWP lifts are supplied with harnesses at no additional costs.