You’ve probably seen large industrial trucks with holding tanks, pumps, and suction hoses on the road or in and around construction sites, they’re called vacuum trucks. Not only do they provide a vital service they are changing the face of excavation in Australia due to their non-destructive approach. If you are looking for vac truck hire in Brisbane, All Access Hire has your needs covered.

Read on for more information on vacuum trucks and when you should consider using one.

What Is a Vacuum Truck?

Designed for suctioning various liquids into their tank for removal and appropriate disposal, these machines consist of holding tanks mounted directly onto a truck or trailer that can hydraulically load dry and wet materials via vacuum hoses. Depending upon the type of project for which they are being used, other accessories can be utilised with vac trucks including core drills, water jetters or air compressors.

How Does a Vac Truck Work?

A vac truck works by using a pump to create negative air pressure, which results in suction. A powerful pump removes air from the holding tank, which creates a vacuum inside, then by opening the primary and secondary shutoff valves on suction hoses, the tank is forced to try to equalize the pressure inside allowing for fast suction of liquids and slurry. The power of the pump will depend on the strength of suction so when looking for vac truck rentals, it’s important to understand exactly what the project requires so you can make sure you have the right sized vacuum truck and accessories.

What is Vacuum Excavation?

Also referred to as hydro excavation, it is the process of combining high-pressure water with an air vacuum. Vac trucks were originally created to suction up high-pressure mining slurries and this is where the concept for vacuum excavation came from. Today, vac trucks are used to remove unwanted material from an area, mainly mud, dirt and slurry from around underground utilities. In vacuum excavation, there is normally a high-pressure hose also connected to the truck. One operator then uses this high-pressure hose to break down the material such as soil, gravel or rock while another operator uses the suction hose to remove the slurry created. Although the technology is still relatively new to the construction industry, it is rapidly rising in popularity thanks to its efficiency and effectiveness on the job site.

Typical Uses for a Vac Truck

As vacuum trucks are used to suck liquids and sludge from a location and allow for the liquid to be transported to a disposal site, they are used in a variety of applications in cities, regional and residential areas, and in the chemical and construction industries. Common uses include:

  • Sewer pipe cleaning, catch basin cleaning or septic emptying
  • Projects that require waste removal or the removal of debris or liquids (such as abattoir clean up)
  • Hydro and vacuum excavation
  • Non-destructively digging for utility lines

Vac trucks can also perform life-saving and environment-protection functions. They can be used for emergencies, especially when dealing with cave-in rescue and recovery missions. They are also helpful in the clean-up of hazardous material spills. Some oil and mining firms deal with soil pollution through vacuum trucks as well.

Vacuum trucks play an important role and are designed to handle messy jobs of any size. Different projects mean different equipment is required so if you need a vac truck, hire one today from All Access Hire today. As Brisbane’s leading access equipment specialists, you can hire vac trucks, EWP’s, earthmoving equipment, attachments and accessories at the best prices today. Give us a call on 1800 255 222 or contact us online now.

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