The highly manoeuvrable, easy to use truck with a telescopic arm – what we know as the cherry picker – was originally designed for fruit picking throughout orchards, however these incredibly versatile pieces of equipment make working at heights much safer and provide a more convenient alternative to scaffolding and ladders. Easy to operate, fast to set up and simple to manoeuvre, cherry pickers can be used in almost any industry for any application where it’s essential to work safely up high. At All Access Hire, we are the leading choice for cherry picker hire in Brisbane. Here’s 10 situations where a cherry picker can be put to use.

High Access Cleaning Jobs

Cherry pickers have made this type of cleaning a lot safer and more efficient as it has reduced the need for scaffolding and ladders. They allow you to have all the equipment you need close by and move from the ground to heights in a matter of moments.

Maintenance of Utility Poles and Lines

Repairing and maintaining street lights and power lines and servicing telephone or electricity poles are perfect jobs for a cherry picker. Providing adequate vertical elevation for the job and a greater level of safety when compared to the use of ladders, cherry pickers allow for maximum efficiency without compromising safety.

Tree Trimming

Perfect for pruning, removal and trimming tall trees in private or public places, a cherry picker enables the worker to reach all areas of the tree that need to be trimmed from the bottom to the very top.

Building Painting and Maintenance

A building which requires painting often means those given the task have to work at height and often at awkward angles. A cherry picker allows for a quick and efficient paint job while ensuring the security and safety of the painting staff.  Not only will painters have all equipment within arms’ reach, they have both hands free to do the job and have a stable platform from which to work.

Window Washing

Raising workers to individual windows quickly, cherry pickers are a great option when a building has expansion joints or signage which would prohibit work being done on traditional scaffolding.

Fire and Emergency Services

A cherry picker gives the fire service a platform to reach heights to both put fires out and to make rescue operations quicker and easier.

Picking Fruit

Uses for cherry picker must include its original purpose – fruit picking. The cherry picker is still the perfect piece of equipment for the efficient and easier collection of fruits. It enables greater access and an enhanced level of safety than would be possible with just a ladder.

Filming Events

In order to achieve aerial or high angled shots filmmakers often make use of the versatile cherry picker. It gives a stable platform for a cameraman to film from and opens up many other possibilities in the style of shot available to the director.

Construction Work

While there are certain construction-related tasks that require a crane, a cherry picker ensures that any labour worker can reach the area they need access to, safely and easily. It provides a worker with mobility and the freedom of using both hands to complete a job. Whether the task calls for installing windows, replacing roofs and guttering or any general construction work, cherry pickers will enable you to get the job done right.

Signwriting and Installation

Signs are often found high up on buildings or in awkward, hard-to-reach locations. A great solution for all types of signage installation on buildings, bill boards, shop fronts, and other tall structures, the cherry picker has enough room to accommodate the sign writer as well as the signage or equipment needed for the job.

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