With their large platforms and high load capacity, scissor lifts are one of the safest and most efficient methods of working at height. Simple to operate and easy to manoeuvre, it’s easy to see why electric scissor lifts are so popular amongst many industries and businesses. At All Access Hire, we are the experts in electric scissor lift hire in Brisbane and we have a range of well-maintained, reliable equipment ready to help with your next project. Read on to find out more about electric scissor lifts, their applications and how hiring one can benefit you.

What is an Electric Scissor Lift?

An electric scissor lift is an EWP (elevated work platforms) specifically developed to lift workers and equipment vertically. Extremely flexible, electric scissor lifts offer more compact dimensions than diesel versions, and they don’t emit any toxic gasses, making them perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. With a straight, vertical elevation and completely stable platform, up to 3 workers can be lifted to up to 13m to complete the most demanding job. Much safer options than ladders or scaffolding, scissor lifts have a safety harness and railing to eliminate the risk of people or equipment falling.

Uses and Applications

Several industrial and commercial settings require the use of electrical scissor lifts, including:

Commercial and residential property maintenance – electric scissor lift hire can help with asks such as changing electrical fixtures, window cleaning, and changing signs and banners. As electric scissor lifts have the ability to operate indoors, they suitable for use in buildings like hospitals, schools, and shopping centres.

Construction sites, especially in indoor settings – used in both general construction work and renovation contracting, they are a perfect solution to complete overhead welding, bricklaying, painting and electrical work safely and efficiently.

Retail and warehousing – these settings require electric scissor lifts that can be used indoors for many reasons including storing goods on elevated shelves and platforms, order picking from high storage areas, as well as general maintenance and repairs such changing light globes.

Logistic and transportation – electric scissor lifts play a vital role in air, road, and rail transportation to store and retrieve objects from vehicle storage surfaces, and to store products on elevated shelves when they arrive at their destination.

Emergency services – in case of a fire, scissor lifts are an easy and safe way to access tall parts of a building and attempt rescue missions.

Can it be Used on an Incline?

Electric scissor lifts are suited to firm, level surfaces, typically within about two degrees of level depending on the model so they are inoperable on inclines. All machines have an electronic level sensor which only allows the platform to elevate once the machine is level within the specified parameters. Electric lifts are widely used in industrial and commercial settings, as they are safe, mobile, effective, and ideal for use indoors or outdoors. To learn more about the scissor lifts we have available here or to enquire about electric scissor lift hire today get in touch with All Access Hire online now or call 1800 255 222 to speak with one of our friendly consultants.

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