All Access Hire Material Lifts HIRE Gold Coast Brisbane

All Access Hire Material Lifts HIRE Gold Coast Brisbane

Never worry again about potential load issues. Let the Material Lift do the heavy lifting for you.

Protect your workers from serious injury, and protect yourself by complying with Workplace Health and Safety with these Material Lifts.

If you looking for a Material lift, or any other kind of Boom or lifts contact us at All Access Hire Gold Coast Brisbane.

Make your lifting jobs easier and safer!

Designed for work site, warehouse, manufacturing, maintenance and utility facilities. Genie® Lifts, a versatile solution.

Genie® Material Lifts

Genie® Material Lifts, also known as duct lifts, are ideal for lifting and placing small pallets and bulky objects. Perfect for installing and maintaining HVAC equipment and appliances, shipping/receiving, storing/retrieving records, and stacking materials on shelves. Using a Genie® Material Lift decreases the need for workers to manually lift materials, reducing the risk of workplace injuries.

Material Lifts Gold Coast Brisbane

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