ModelGS-2669 RTGS-3369 RTGS-4069 RT
Working height maximum*9.70 m31 ft 3 in11.75 m38 ft14.12 m45 ft 9 in
A Platform height maximum7.70 m25 ft 3 in9.75 m32 ft12.12 m39 ft 9 in
Drive height7.70 m25 ft 3 in9.75 m32 ft12.12 m39 ft 9 in
Platform height - stowed1.47 m4 ft 10 in1.47 m4 ft 10 in1.65 m5 ft 5 in
Platform length - outside2.79 m9 ft 2in2.79 m9 ft 2in2.79 m9 ft 2in
                             extended4.32 m14 ft 2 in4.32 m14 ft 2 in4.32 m14 ft 2 in
Slide-out platform extension deck1.52 m5 ft1.52 m5 ft1.52 m5 ft
Platform width - outside1.60 m5 ft 3 in1.60 m5 ft 3 in1.60 m5 ft 3 in
Toeboard height0.15 m6 in0.15 m6 in0.15 m6 in
Height - stowed2.59 m8 ft 6 in2.59 m8 ft 6 in2.74 m9 ft
rails lowered1.92 m6 ft 3.5 in1.92 m6 ft 3.5 in2.08 m6 ft 10 in
Length - stowed3.76 m12 ft 4 in3.76 m12 ft 4 in3.76 m12 ft 4 in
platform extended4.81 m15 ft 9.5 in4.81 m15 ft 9.5 in4.81 m15 ft 9.5 in
with outriggers3.76 m12 ft 4 in3.76 m12 ft 4 in3.76 m12 ft 4 in
Width1.75 m5 ft 9 in1.75 m5 ft 9 in1.75 m5 ft 9 in
Wheelbase2.29 m7 ft 6 in2.29 m7 ft 6 in2.29 m7 ft 6 in
Ground clearance - center0.24 m9.5 in0.24 m9.5 in0.24 m9.5 in
Maximum platform occupancy**443
Lift capacity680 kg1,500 lbs454 kg1,000 lbs363 kg800 lbs
Extension deck capacity136 kg300 lbs136 kg300 lbs136 kg300 lbs
Drive speed - stowed5.6 km/h3.5 mph5.6 km/h3.5 mph5.6 km/h3.5 mph
Drive speed - raised0.5 km/h0.3 mph0.5 km/h0.3 mph0.5 km/h0.3 mph
Gradeability - stowed****35%30%30%
Maximum outrigger leveling:1
front/back uphill5.3°/ 4.2°
side to side11.7°
Turning radius - inside2.11 m83 in2.11 m83 in2.11 m83 in
Turning radius - outside4.6 m181.2 in4.6 m181.2 in4.6 m181.2 in
Raise/lower speed36/33 sec42/28 sec69/46 sec
Drivefour wheel
Tyres - rough terrain30x66 cm12x26 in30x66 cm12x26 in30x66 cm12x26 in
Power sourceKubota D-1105 Diesel 24.8 hp
Fuel tank capacity37.9 L10 gal37.9 L10 gal37.9 L10 gal
Hydraulic system capacity68.1 L18 gal68.1 L18 gal68.1 L18 gal
3,739 kg8,243 lbs3,921 kg8,643 lbs5,078 kg11,193 lbs


ANSI A92.6, CSA B354.2, CE Compliance, AS 1418.10


* The metric equivalent of working height adds 2 m to platform height. U.S. Adds 6 ft to platform height.
*** CE/AUS markets: GS™-3369 and GS™-4069 are limited to 2 person platform occupancy when used outdoors.
**** Gradeability applies to driving on slopes. Gradeability may vary depending on the weight of options installed on machine. See operator’s
manual for details regarding slope ratings.
***** Weight varies depending on options and country standards.




GS-2669 RT
• 9.70 m (31 ft 3 in) working height
• Up to 680 kg (1,500 lbs) lift capacity

GS-3369 RT
• 11.75 m (38 ft) working height
• Up to 454 kg (1,000 lbs) lift capacity

GS-4069 RT
• 14.12 m (45 ft 9 in) working height
• Up to 363 kg (800 lbs) lift capacity


• 2.79 x 1.6 m (110 x 63 in) steel frame
platform with replaceable aluminum deck
• 1.52 m (5 ft) extension deck
• Automatic leveling hydraulic outriggers
• Folding guardrails
• Proportional lift and drive
• Full height swing gate
• 4WD
• Front oscillating axle
• Positive traction control
• Four-wheel braking
• Swing-out engine tray
• Non-marking foam-filled rough terrain
tyres (eco fill)
• Tilt level sensor with audible alarm
• Descent alarm
• Horn
• Hour meter
• Dual flashing beacons
• Platform overload system
• Motion alarm
• Hydraulic oil cooler


• Kubota Diesel 18.5 kW (24.8 hp)



• Air line to platform
• Platform work lights


Cold weather package
• 240 Volt power to platform
• 7 kVA Hydraulic generator
(240 V / 50 Hz)