Scaffolding is a structure that is common on most construction sites and important for many reasons, but most of all for safety and convenience. The use of scaffolding helps to protect yourself and others from falls, as well as the consequences of dropped equipment.

Additionally, scaffolding allows you the convenience of having all your tools, material or equipment where you need it, saving time and energy. At All Access Hire, we specialise in hiring high-quality reach and access equipment and scaffold hire in Brisbane and the southeast Queensland region. Here’s 5 activities where you might need to hire scaffolding.

Home Improvements and Renovations

Whether you are building a double story extension or replacing a leaking old roof, if job requires working at a height then it will require scaffolding to be erected for the work to be completed in accordance with safety regulations.

Commercial and Domestic Painting

Professional painters often work at substantial heights to complete their job which means that scaffolding is important for keeping them safe and providing a sturdy work platform. Painters also need to be able to place their tools within reach as they work, move around the site with ease and have safe access to all areas of the building.

Building Repairs and Maintenance

When a building requires maintenance work on the roof, guttering or upper levels, there is an increased risk of injury due to the height of the job. Also, maintenance could be required on surfaces that are unstable, such as loose roof tiles or structures that are at risk of falling. Scaffolding provides a safe surface and area for repair work to be carried out.

Window Cleaning

Cleaning windows of larger commercial buildings, factories and warehouses requires more than just a ladder. Windows can often be found as high as hundreds of metres above ground level putting the safety of window cleaning staff at risk of falling from a great height. Scaffolding ensures their safety, enables them to carry out their job with ease and helps to prevent any tools from falling.

Building Inspections

Building inspections involve checking the integrity and safety of buildings and structures. This requires safety equipment such as scaffolding to be erected as it often includes reviewing various parts up high such as the roof and gutter.

Which Type of Scaffolding Should I Choose?

Depending on the type of project you’re undertaking, you will be able to find the right type of scaffolding to suit. The common scaffold types for hire include:

  • Foldable Scaffolds – with a maximum reach of 3.2m and a total of 4 components, these are quick and easy to dismantle and transport.
  • Mobile Scaffolding Towers – versatile and able to be built to any size you need; mobile towers can be tailored to suit cantilever scaffold if required.
  • Aluminium Static Scaffold –  providing a strong and sturdy platform, you can choose a single width or double width scaffold, the double width being ideal if there are more than two people working at one time or if the work surface is expansive.
  • Steel Scaffolding – ideal for construction sites where a large weight is to be supported.

If you are looking for the best scaffold hire in Brisbane and southern Queensland, contact the team at All Access Hire today.

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